miggy: (Default)
miggy ([personal profile] miggy) wrote2012-01-03 12:15 am

1 Week Hiatus

Hi guys,

Sorry to do this again, but I am prepping to teach 100 students this semester (oh god oh god) and I've realized that there's no way I can churn out anything but a really flaky chapter by Thursday. Considering this is set up to be a pretty tricky, fiddly chapter, that would be especially bad in this week of all weeks.

Of course, the downside is that there's a week's delay on a cliffhanger. Sorry! But I gotta handle RL first.

As a side note, if you want to get started reading or want to re-read, it's easier to do so over on Archive of Our Own. Not only are the chapters neatly linked, but the site provides download options for PDF and eBooks.

(Granted, you do miss out on the theorizing in the LJ comments.)

I'll be back next week!

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