Jul. 8th, 2011

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True story: as noted in the previous leg, precedent said they were either heading to Alaska or Hawaii next. In the planning stages I messaged a friend—without giving him any context whatsoever as to what I was doing—and demanded "HAWAII OR ALASKA?"



And that is why they are headed for Alaska.

Leg 10: South Korea > Alaska )

There is a special poll question today. This possibility has been set up for a while, people have discussed it in the comments, and it's the last real possible leg to have any sort of decent implementation. But I need to ask this at the start of the leg rather than have it be a natural outcome of the vote, as a "yes" will affect my writeup pretty severely. Namely: does Team Inevitable Family Team go out in a blaze of glory not necessarily related to natural task performance, as Kurt's been gunning for?

If you vote "yes" on this, then it does decide who is eliminated this leg right at the start of things; however, you of course will vote for the 1-2-3 placements for the remaining three teams. If you vote "no" on this, it doesn't mean they can't be eliminated; they can still be the natural last-place finishers on checking in to the Pit Stop. This is all about setting up a unique situation that would affect their ability to even participate the next two votes, however. So! Early, weird elimination vote.

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