Sep. 1st, 2011

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Title: Special
Character(s): Ensemble. Seriously. It covers pretty much everyone, plus some Marvel Universe characters.
Rating: R across everything, to be safe.
Word Count: 4700
Spoilers: Through S2
Full-Series Warnings: Violence, potential character death, and other elements common to comics
Summary: Being a part of something special makes you special. (Also, having superpowers.)
Notes: IT BEGINS. Also, some lines in this story will be very sad to Sam fans, given Chord's status. Sorry! Sorry! I love the dork! HE WILL LIVE ON IN COMIC BOOK VERSE.

Also, you might notice that I am back to my original Corny avatar. Like I said, I waited. :D

'Summer vacation only means a vacation from classes, boys,' Shannon Beiste said loudly as she raised her whistle to her mouth. )
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I did this picture a while back as a stress distraction. Don't think I linked it here.

Even if all I can see now are the HORRIBLE, COUNTLESS MISTAKES, hey, why not.

Here is a tutorial on how I did all those bubbles, if you are into that sort of thing. You can see them better in the full-sized version you can get by clicking the image at the source.

let's all get drunk and play ping pong

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