Dec. 1st, 2011

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Title: Special
Character(s): Ensemble. Seriously. It covers pretty much everyone, plus some Marvel Universe characters.
Rating: R across everything, to be safe.
Word Count: 8,800
Spoilers: Through S2
Full-Series Warnings: Violence, potential character death, and other elements common to comics
Summary: Being a part of something special makes you special. (Also, having superpowers.)
Notes: Oh gosh, sorry for not replying yet to comments and messages. I kept planning to and then, well, yesterday involved an emergency 11-hour experiment construction session. This is what my time has been like when I think I have time to sit down and reply to people, every single time I intend to do that. I WILL I PROMISE. Also: this wound up being the infodumpiest bridge chapter that has ever existed in the world of anything, ever. SORRY 'BOUT THAT. OOPS.

Also: if you've seen some of the recent movies, well, enjoy the references. If you haven't, the relevant stuff will be explained!

Also also: Brittany's parents are named for two members of ABBA.

New Directions was silent for a long, awkward beat as they stared at Sue Sylvester in combat gear. )

let's all get drunk and play ping pong

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